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Happy Little Party Bundles

Our Packages reflect what we see requested and booked most often together. Choose the package that contains elements that work for you, we'll customize it for your theme and colors.

Additions & Upgrades are welcome. 

Booking a preset package saves us all time, and saves you $$!! 

***Prices shown are for the package only. Travel to your location & Sales Tax will be added. ***


the COVID Porch Package_edited.jpg


The 2020 Porch Package

 It includes elements to blow in the wind! 

6ft Porch Garland & Mailbox Mini

(Sub out mailbox for 2 large or 4 small mylar balloons on the porch). 

--> Easy to Pickup! 

Garland and flowers_edited.jpg


The 2020 Blooms & Balloons

 It includes elements to blow in the wind! 

9ft Medium Porch Garland & Floral Bouquet with Small Number to Bring Inside!

Birthday Bouquet_edited.jpg


Birthday Column

 Great Option for Pick Up or Local Delivery! 

3ft Organic Column

2 Digit Number on Top

Embellishments to Gaz it Up!

--> Easy to Pickup!

garland and greens.jpg


"BBG" Basic.Balloon.Garland

10ft Goldilocks Size Balloon Garland in Standard Colors. 

This option, we hang up on site with damage-free methods that are easy to remove. No framing or backdrop required.

*With fresh greenery as pictured, add $95.

porch garland and bouquet_edited.jpg


The 2020 Bouquet Bundle

 It includes elements to blow in the wind! 

4ft Large Porch Garland & Number Bouquet to Bring Inside!

(Sub out large balloon in garland for a Large Themed Mylar Balloon)

--> Easy to Pickup!

easel garland rwb bday_edited.jpg



Basic Balloon Garland & Easel

- 6ft Small "Welcome" Garland. Place this on an easel, welcome table, or anywhere you prefer! 

- 10ft Goldilocks Garland 

--Baby's Breath and Star Lantern are additions. 

boxwood bundle_edited.jpg


LUXE Backdrop Bundle

Choose One Backdrop from our Rentals. 

10ft Goldilocks Sized Garland

--> Add Greenery as pictured, $80



ON-THEME Backdrop Bundle

This Package Should be set behind an 8ft Table for Best Results.

- Themed Backdrop - 5ft Tall x 7ft Wide, on Frame

- 16ft Medium Balloon Garland, to surround backdrop, with Custom Text Balloon or Large Mylar

- 2 Mini Columns with  2 Mylar Balloons 

number props_edited.jpg



Pipe & Drape Curtain (Balloons go here) 

- 12ft Goldilocks Balloon Garland

- Double Digit Number on Little Balloon Stands, OR  5ft Easel Balloon Garland 

(Numbers on stands can be combined into the design)




- Starts with 6 Centerpieces 

(small, low, balloon garland with greenery or large air filled balloons to hang)

- 10ft Goldilocks Garland

(Floating balloons pictured are air filled and hanging from structure above. Helium Version would be $120 addition). 

baby farmer blue.jpg


Bella Flora

15ft Large Garland

4 Orbz Balloons

Floral & Greenery Flowing Throughout

Pricing includes invisible framing (or one of our simple frames) to make the piece appear free standing, we must return at the end of event to pick this up.*Save some cost if we can attach to onsite structures! 

bouquet bar cart only_edited.jpg


DIY Bouquet Bar & Balloons

- Cart Rental with Display Containers

- 12ft Goldilocks Balloon Garland

- Backdrop For Balloons

You Bring the Flowers & Take Home Container/Wrapping 

wedding centerpiece_edited.jpg


Blooms & Balloon Centerpieces

This is a package you can pick up! 

Includes 10 Centerpiece arrangements, ready to place on tables. Includes Small Balloon Piece & Small Floral Arrangement. 

boho burnt orange_edited.jpg


3 Garland Package

- Starts with One Backdrop/Frame Option (one garland will go on this).

- 10ft Large Garland

- 10ft Goldilocks Garland

- 3ft Medium Easel Garland 

- Silk or Dried Floral Rental Package.

(Balloon Garland lengths here may be rearranged to fit the spaces needed).

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 8.47.47 PM.png


Happy Little Bouquet Bar

& Balloon Bundle

- Cart Rental with Display Containers

- Table for Sample Bouquet & Signage

- Bouquet Florals, Mason Jar Vase, Tie with Name Tag, Water with Flower Food - 6 Different Blooms & 2 Stems of Greenery per Bouquet. Starting at 25 Guests.

- Cart Attendant for up to 3 hours of event.

- 12ft Goldilocks Balloon Garland

- Simple frame to hold your balloons

- Floral Package for Balloon Garland

Add Bouquets for more guests starting at $35/each. 

Add Centerpieces Starting at $40 for simple greenery & votive candles.

number mosasic_edited.jpg


MOSAIC & Garland

One Digit/Letter Balloon Mosaic, 32" Tall. 

-10ft Medium Balloon Garland


Character Mosaic add  $80

Add Letter or Number 32" $125

Add Letter or Number 40" $180

Add Letter or Number 5ft  $300

cp and backdrop.jpg


Go All In!

-Starts with 6 Centerpieces 

-Backdrop with 18ft Goldilocks Garland 

- 10 Mylar Balloons or Silk/Fresh Floral 

- Welcome Easel Garland or Column 

- 5ft Medium Garland 



BOHO Tea Party

- 12ft Goldilocks Balloon Garland

- Backdrop/Frame for Balloons

- Floral Package for Balloons & Table Runner 

- One Low Table with Settings and Seating for up to 10 Guests. 

*Add Table Package for $450/10 guests. 

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