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Fall 2022 Color Palettes we LOVE for Your Next Event

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Fall is our favorite season. We love everything about it—the cooler weather, big comfy sweaters with pumpkin EVERYTHING, and leaves changing color. Those colors (those bold orange, red and yellow shades) have long inspired the traditional color palette of the fall. In past years, we have seen these same “fall harvest” colors being requested for balloon garlands and floral installations and arrangements for events. And while we enjoy these traditional colors, we have some new ideas on how you can switch it up a bit this year.

Here are four of our favorite color palette ideas for fall 2022 that we think you should incorporate into your bridal shower, baby shower, wedding or birthday celebration balloon garland.


A Twist on the Traditional

With the right approach and a few bold color choices for your balloons and floral, you can create an autumn event theme that's modern, bold and rich - without deviating too far from the traditional. To make your event feel more upscale, consider incorporating rich shades of reds, oranges and golds with a rustic theme.

The color palette we love:

Sangria is perfect if you love fall but don't want

to go full on pumpkin spice (ahem).

Burnt orange is like fall in a color - it's warm and

inviting without being overbearing.

Mustard adds a sophisticated look that still feels


Evergreen is another great way to add some

drama without going overboard.

Bonus Floral: The color palette is so bold and rich; some simple dianthus or baby’s breath would really help to break this one up a bit. Bold colored clustered roses with eucalyptus and other greens would also be a nice alternative.

Blush & Burgundy

If you’re looking for a sophisticated, elegant color palette that will make your event feel special, consider blush and burgundy balloons and flowers. The combination of these two colors creates a warm and cozy look that’s perfect for fall weddings or bridal showers.

The color palette we love:

This custom cranberry is the real star here. It is

luxurious and looks high end.

Sangria adds a little more dimension as it plays

off the custom cranberry shade.

Blush is a beautiful contrast to the bolder

cranberry and sangria colors.

Pops of gold really take this to the next level.

Bonus Floral: lisianthus or stock are linear flowers that can create a flowy, romantic extension from the balloon garland. You can also add in some blush colored roses and greenery like eucalyptus

Modern Halloween

Fall is also the time to put your own spin on traditional Halloween colors. Black and orange are classic, but if you want something more high-end, try a rich, red-coral orange with black instead.

The color palette we love:

○ "Aloha" is a brand new shade of orange for fall

2022 that has coral and red tones – we think this

is such a bold and elegant color!

Traditional black is never the wrong choice for

Halloween themed décor

Add a some lace colored balloon to contrast with

that classic black. Its not your traditional white -

its a warmer, antiqued and organic color.

Bonus Floral: Dahlias, chrysanthemums or protea are some of our favorite, fun "halloween-y" flowers. They can be carefully placed into a balloon garland with proper support and water supply, or a floral table arrangement incorporating them works well, too.

Rustic Sunflower

A nature theme is a good way to go for the fall, but if you want something special looking, consider something rustic yet unique. This warm color palette works well with a sunflower or honeybee theme, and is perfect for autumn weddings, bridal showers or baby showers!

The color palette we love:

Mustard is a warm, vibrant color that won’t

overwhelm the complimenting neutral colors.

Cocoa and Mocha browns are traditional

autumnal hues that works well here.

White Sand and Lace lighten up this collection

to create some necessary contrast

Bonus Floral: Adding in fresh sunflowers and dried pampas grasses really take this one up a notch!


As you choose your colors for your special event this fall, remember that the season is all about embracing the past. Think about how you can incorporate traditional ideas with new trends to create a fresh look for your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or other special event.

If you are located near central New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania, contact us for a custom balloon garland, backdrop and floral display or flower arrangements for your next event! Be sure to fill out an inquiry form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible to start the planning process.

If there's one thing we love more than seeing those gorgeous leaves falling down outside our windows every year around this time, it's designing unique balloon and floral installations and arrangements using those same stunning tones for our upscale special events.


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