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  We want you to be happy - and we want to be happy with it too


>Regardless of all precautions we take, and anything we to do ensure the best result, we cannot guarantee anything outdoors. There are too many factors at play that we have no control over and unfortunately cannot change. Balloons and Flowers are best indoors, and if you MUST put them outside, full shade is your best bet. 

>We use specific brands which we have tested, that do the best outdoors and in heat. Although we have had success with darker colors, lighter colors do better. 

> Cut Flowers will wilt in high temps. It's best to utilize our rentals of artificial & dried collections in high temps! 

> If your balloons must be outdoors, we will do our best to schedule your set up as close to your event time as possible. Because we have a packed schedule, we will likely not be able to return to fix things, so please take our advice listed here and know that outdoors in the sun, things can happen. There is not a discount or refunds if you choose to have your balloons set in the sun and heat and things go wrong, this is an at-your-own-risk decision. In fact, we have to charge top dollar and more for outdoor installations because of all the extra attention they need in the process of booking, preparation, and installation.

If we set up at 8am and you have mylar balloons, they are all going to look deflated because we are preparing for them to grow in the heat by 2pm when your party starts - and they still might pop if it gets really hot. When shade comes, they will all look deflated. There is nothing we can do about this. 

> DO NOT put tape on balloons outside, you'll increase their chances of popping. 


Latex Balloons OXIDIZE in outdoor air and it happens faster in heat. This causes them to change color and have a very matte finish. It also makes them more sticky - they can stick together and in temps 80 degrees +, they melt together. When the wind blows they are likely to pop.

>>>There is a solution! There are products we can apply to the balloons which help balloons keep their color and decreases their chances of melting together/popping and helps them repel rain. This product will cause the balloons to keep their shine and won't have as much of a matte finish. The Matte colors will still look like the color but they will look like they have a clear coating. 

> We have had balloons last outdoors for several nights and days when treated. 

> Once the balloons are treated, they shouldn't be touched and will not be good for bringing indoors. 

> Basically once balloons are outside over an hour, they need to just stay there. 


Mylar AND Latex Balloons Grow/Shrink in Hot and Cold Temps!!! We inflate Mylars on site and all balloons are inflated for the environment they will be displayed in. If we are putting them outside in heat and you move them inside in AC, they will seem to deflate. If we inflate them for indoor display and you bring them outside in the heat, they are highly likely to pop. 


> Due to the chances of balloons popping, we will not do custom colors outdoors in heat over 75 degrees F. If the wrong balloon pops, an unexpected and mismatched color will stand out and compromise your design and ALL your photos.

> All shiny finish balloons will be treated to stay shiny. Don't touch them after. 

> NO orbz balloons will be used outdoors in high heat over 80 degrees. They will just not hold up looking the way they are supposed to and are much more likely to pop. 

> Colors look different once they oxidize and are in different lighting situations.