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  • Lets Party! See our Starting Booking and Service Areas--
    Invest in decor that will be remembered. Are we the right fit for your event? 1. Begin with Location:: Travel is $3.00 per mile. Ex: 20miles away = $60 travel. This covers our transportation costs separate from the decor. CLICK TO SEE YOUR DISTANCE FROM OUR AREA Each time we come to the venue, there will be a travel fee - Once for set up and another time to clean up or pick up rentals. Sometimes travel is waived if the location is local, and will be considered on a case by case basis. 2. Starting Orders based on Location. (read about why we have these minimum booking guides in other Q & A) ***Starting Bookings for Events taking place in cities, for example Manhattan and Philadelphia, are determined based on the specific event details. 3. Service Percentage Can be factored into the above starting booking amount. It covers all the extra work that goes above/beyond inflating and hanging up balloons and the actual cost of each one. Instead of inflating our unit prices, we apply a percentage, so it balances with the time commitment your event requires. - Indoor Event Service Fee 20% -Outdoor Event 30% (click to read more about outdoor). We'll also apply this percentage to balloon garlands we are setting up free style at a venue, or on a client provided backdrop. Read more about Service Fees in our Q&A page below.
  • Service & Installation Fees
    As we have grown and gained experience in running a business and this business specifically, we understand the need for "Service Fees". Our service fee covers, basically all costs that make this a service of convenience to you. The per foot cost of balloon garland covers the balloons, and our labor for inflating and preparing in a specific order. Same as flowers - the item cost is for the flowers, processing of each stem so it looks the best it can, care pre-event, and design. The 20% Event Service Fee covers the rest of the event process for indoor events, and/or when we are providing rentals. When we bring you the balloons and flowers, and set them all up for you, there is a lot of time and careful organization required to make this a smooth and successful process, not to mention the time we spend planning with you before we ever touch the product. The service fee covers costs of professional consulting, time we spend on the booking process with you, our online system for payments and scheduling, payment processing (it costs us to organize and deal with money no matter how we take your payment), staff assistance in the booking process, shopping for materials, and our workspace/storage for your prepared items. The 30% Custom Service is for anything set up outdoor, set up on client provided backdrops, free style installations, and complicated locations - such as the use of service/freight elevators, a lot of stairs, or city locations. When installing in any way mentioned above, additional time and materials are utilized to successfully complete the installation and even just the load in/out process. These types of situations require additional planning prior to the event. We simply will not provide the service option for anything less. When using client provided backdrops & materials, we often need them to be dropped off ahead of your event so we are able to plan around them and use them. We have to account for storage, organization, transport space, and ensure a successful setup on event day. Our prices are set in a reasonable way for us to sustain business so we are around for the long haul. This is a professional service and career to us. You can feel confident that when you book us, we will show up to your event on time and have exactly what you ordered. To insure that we keep a reliable and organized schedule we use booking systems and spend considerable time and energy planning out our schedule and your order details. Service Fees are not charged on items you can order direct online - like a Grab N Go or DIY kit, because for either of these options, you are doing most of the labor. These types of orders don't come with back up supplies should something go wrong, and we will not be present during set up to fix anything or give advice on arrangement. We do not take responsibility for the result of anything once it leaves our location. We did our best to prepare you, and otherwise things are out of our control. These items are not expected to look the same as ones we are there to do, and will not give the same type of energy. It's like giving a paint brush to someone who has never painted, where as we have been painting all our lives.
  • Why is there a Minimum Order or "Starting Booking" to come to my area?
    Our first section of Q&A has the info on Starting Booking Amounts. We set a minimum so that it makes sense, as a business, for us to take the time to schedule the day around this, load the van with your prepared product and installation materials, and come to your event. Some events far away take up our entire day and are the only one we're able to accommodate, so it needs to be significant. We have to make a certain income to sustain, and we have to make the majority of our income on weekends. So we have two days of opportunity to generate the income most people make over a full week. Keep in mind, a large majority of what we charge, pays to run the business. Travel and tax are added in addition as they are necessary direct costs. We pay out those costs, we don't keep them or profit from them, they are required expenses. If your event location is 70 miles away, and you see our minimum to come that far is $2000, but your budget is $500, we aren't the ones for you for this event. If you would like to have us do your welcome signage, centerpieces, a backdrop, etc, the total will likely add up to $2000 and then it can work, but we will also be charging for travel. If you are 70 miles away from us, we are driving at least 140 miles then, because we have to get home. If we rent you something, we either have to make two trips, so 280 miles of travel, OR we are staying in the area because by time we get home, we'll have to turn right around to come back. So we have to find something to do for 4 hours while we wait for your event, and have to pay our staff for that time- and usually pay for a meal during that time. We feel the need to explain this as it doesn't seem to be understood. Thank you for understanding.
  • Visual Mock-Up Plan, Site Visit, & Proposal Editing
    ORDERS UNDER $500: -Events less than $500 usually do not require a visual plan as there aren't as many details to work with. This size booking is pretty straight forward. We want to squeeze as much into the budget as possible for the party day, therefore we don't have time left over to spend on creating visuals. You are welcome to pay extra to have one. Visual plans for this size will be $50, at any point in the process prior to booking or after, and will follow the editing guide below. A specific site visit in addition will incur a travel fee based on miles to the venue. PRIOR TO BOOKING: - Visual Mock Ups and Site Visits prior to booking start at $150 for events with orders over $500. This fee must be paid first, before we invest our time, do the site visit, give ideas, etc. Designs will be presented with options, and suggested upgrades for what we think will make the design amazing. - Site Visits must be within 25 miles of 08610. Anything further than this will incur an additional travel fee based on mileage over 25 miles for this specific visit. We must receive payment before coming to the site visit. - We will discuss your event details, send an invoice for you to pay for this portion, it takes 24-48 hours to create and present visual designs and are done Tuesday-Thursday. If you choose to book another vendor, this fee will not be refunded. We invested hours of our time and our ideas, which we need to be paid for. If you do book with us, this amount will be applied to your invoice total. BOOKED EVENTS *Order totals $500-$1500 If you did not yet receive a visual plan, but gave your Retainer Fee, and would like one, please request it, this is not an automatic service, we don't do it every time. We would rather be generous on event day than spend time on a visual plan. The first design will be included and will be based on your event details with optional upgrade features for what we think would make it amazing. A site visit requested after the Retainer Fee is received will follow the guidelines above. If the venue is over 25 miles, includes tolls, etc, a travel fee for this service will be additional. We will make one series of alterations to your design plan after this visit. EDITING of VISUAL PLANS: Every editing session to visual plans after the first, will be assessed an additional 10% fee based on the order, and this is not applied to the booking, it is an additional cost that will be added to the invoice as an extra payment. If your event total is $500, your fee will be $50. Three different extra design options will then be $150. This is an above-and-beyond service for which we need to be paid. Time for this service is not factored into any of our pricing and is not generally a part of our process, in the interest of saving our clients cost. LARGE EVENTS $1500 AND UP: Events over $1500 usually require more visual plans, or at least a detailed vision board. For this type of event, we will get a proposal mapped out for pricing, and once the retainer fee is paid, we'll create a visual plan (if needed). If we are doing the visual, we'll present 3 levels of detail/pricing with upgrade options, pending if the budget is flexible and you still need ideas. The editing policy WILL apply to this if you don't like any of the 3 options presented and would like to see more. GENERAL INFO: Full redesigns will be treated as an entirely new event. If you paid the $150 design fee for event option 1, and then want an entirely new design, should the venue change, etc, that first fee will be charged and not refunded. The new design/site visit etc, will be considered a new event. The changing of a venue does not always need an entirely new design, especially if rentals are being used. Visual plans are not always necessary. If you are specific enough in your requests and trust us to do a good job, we usually get the job done and everyone is very happy. It does help to have a few inspiration photos, design descriptions, and maybe photos of our past work. Sometimes, if we receive multiple inquiries for a venue that is close to our home base (within 25 miles), Christina will do a general site visit to take photos of the space, get to know the owner/managers onsite, and get a general idea of what we have to work with. We have done so many of these, we have likely been to your venue and have pictures of it. Changes to reserved rentals: If we have been holding rentals for you, you have up to 14 days prior to your event to change these to avoid paying the 25% retainer fee to hold those rentals. Once we are 14 days from your event, and you decide to remove a rental, 25% of that rental rate will still be charged to your invoice. Exclusions to this apply during our peak seasons. Once you let go of a rental, it can be reserved elsewhere and is not guaranteed to remain available for you. PLANS VS REAL LIFE Often times things on event day need to change slightly due to unexpected circumstances. The visual mock up serves as a way to help you imagine what to expect from us. Real life installations vary from the visual. Colors may look slightly different, sizes might not be exactly perfect, but it will come close. Visual mock-ups are a computer generated tool, with images we find and edit. They are NOT THE REAL THING. Usually, the real thing is way better.
  • How long does it take to set up?
    We typically require a one hour MINIMUM for set up. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to unload, park, and figure out locations of set up. Plans often change. We need to be finishing/cleaning up/loading out at least 15 minutes prior to your event, so we are leaving before guests arrive. (Less guests arriving early the better). So, that "one hour set up time" really only gives us about 20-30 minutes to actually install your order. Most rental backdrops with balloons/floral take one hour. If we are setting up two large backdrops, we need 2 hours. If your venue is strict on time, and you have a large event, we may need additional transportation and staff and may need to add rush fees. Can something be brought in and set in under 30 minutes? Sure, but we're limited to what can be done in that time. 30 minutes is usually not enough time unless your order is small, the location is VERY easily accessible, and plans are 100% set. We have done a set up in 10 minutes before - this would be a free standing thing, helium balloons... something ready made. PLEASE make sure there is reliable parking that allows us to access your event space. Moving the car down the street takes time out of your install time and we have to take that into account. We need to know how much time is available/allowed, as we may have other projects to go to in the same day. We appreciate being able to come early and appreciate flexibility as much as possible.
  • Will you use balloon kits purchased online?
    If you already purchased a kit and would like to pay for it to be assembled, we will use what we can, however we still charge the same as if we used our own balloons in order to guarantee you receive quality, and we will add on the 10% client provided item service. We have to organize receiving of the balloons, organizing the kit, and figuring out how to make it work. Usually balloons from kits pop and need to be replaced, but we cannot guarantee colors can be matched as we have no idea what brands are in the kit, and they likely do not use the brands we do. The kits rarely contain the same quantities and sizes as are in the sample photos used to sell them. Usually those photos are stolen from other artists in the industry. The kit maker has no idea what the ingredients were of that artist's work. Unless you bought from a small balloon company. Balloons from kits are not good for outdoor use, especially in heat and sunlight and we will not use them outdoors. We don't want old balloon kits you purchased and didn't use. We are not going to use them for another client for any reason.
  • How long do the balloons last?
    Best case scenario for balloon life: Indoor, out of sunlight, consistent temperature and no wind. Quality balloons, correctly inflated for their environment, and left untouched, can last for months. Balloons and cut flowers need similar environments to last. They both do well in cold/comfortable temperatures. If we set up your balloons day(s) before the party, we are confident they are going to last. We're not going to give you something we aren't confident in. We have tested air filled and helium balloon life in various conditions with various brands so we KNOW what works. We want your photos to turn out great, we want all your guests to love the party and shower you with compliments. It's what makes all of this worth doing. Outdoor Affects Basically, balloons outdoors will only be good for the one event, around 30 hours give or take. Sunlight and fresh air cause balloons to oxidize - which is what makes them look "matte", and often alters the color. Any chrome, metallic, or shiny finishes will lose their shine; chrome/shiny gold becomes like a matte brownish-gold color. Oxidation occurs faster in high heat (80 degrees +). Heat can also cause balloons to melt together. Once this happens, if they balloons move, they will likely pop. There are products that can be sprayed on the balloons to make them stay shiny, but both leave an oily finish, and the balloons cannot be handled once it's applied. One of these sprays is best outdoors, and is as flammable as hair spray (we tested it)! However, balloons should never be exposed to fire to begin with. HELIUM BALLOON LIFE Because we treat helium balloons with hi-float (a liquid silicone coating applied to the inside the balloon) they last several days indoors. We did a test in our workshop. 11" and 17" balloons both lasted over a week. 24" and 36" balloons lasted two weeks (they probably could have gone longer but we didn't wait). Although they all did last floating, they started to shrink after about 4 days. This is not a guarantee, as environmental factors will make the results vary. Outdoors - Helium Balloons last around 24 hours. Mylar Helium Balloons will expand and appear to deflate with temperature changes. ***if you want Jumbo Helium Balloons (the single big balloon) for ONLY the event time, tell us. We can give you a better price. Jumbo Latex balloons hold helium well. If you don't plan on taking them home, we can prepare them just for the event and they'll work, we use way less helium, so it saves you and us.
  • How do you work with other vendors or my DIY additions?
    ALL THINGS DIY DIY means Do It Yourself. In this case, we expect that you will be preparing your purchases yourself, so we will not be involved. You should have a plan, have practiced set up, have materials like tape and scissors. We will not give advice on where to buy products, how much to buy, what sizes, etc. Anything we invoice you for, we will provide and take care of from start to finish. We need to be paid based on our experience, knowledge, and time. If you would like our input/help/guidance, we'll go ahead and handle it all. If you would like to also book us for training sessions so you can DIY, and simply time to help with projects please inquire about classes. If you plan to provide a backdrop or any other rental - one you are setting up yourself or one you booked from another vendor --> Due to our experiences with client-provided backdrops, and waiting on other vendors, we are charging an additional service fee to deal with them. OTHER VENDORS: It is very helpful for us to have their contact information so we can collaborate better. They need to be scheduled on time for us to be successful. CAKE/DESSERTS::: Balloons are bulky and knock things over easily. If we are setting up around a dessert and cake table, we need to do so before the cake/dessert is set on the table. PHOTOGRAPHERS- tell us when this person is coming so everything is done when they arrive (if possible). Connect us! We want to be tagged, we want to see photos, and we just like to know other vendors so we can refer clients to their services.
  • I've paid my Retainer Fee, what should I expect next?
    We'll keep in touch as needed, and will check in during the weeks leading up (depending how early in advance you booked). Many decisions for an event need to be made close to the date. During the week prior, we'll discuss last call details necessary - such as plans for inclement weather, number of centerpieces needed, if we expect to have any additions. Usually we like all event details to be finalized at least 7 days out, and prior to the final payment. Final Payment must be completed prior to your event unless we have made another agreement. Otherwise, we will send a payment reminder during the week leading up to the event asking for the final balance to be paid in full.
  • Scheduling Set Up Times & Breakdown
    It's important to schedule us to set up at the right time. We usually book multiple events in a day and might not be able to change our schedule the week before if, for example, we learn your cake person is coming before us but our installation is supposed to go behind the cake, and the cake table can't be moved. The balloons must be set up first. If you want something set up by 1:30 but your event starts at 2, that's ok, but we should plan to be done by 1:30. We'll need to get into the space at least an hour prior to that "Ready" time though! If you're bringing a backdrop we are to set up the balloons on, please arrive on time. We need all the time we can get. If we only have one hour, and you come 15 minutes late to set up, we'll be finishing as your guests start to arrive. Encourage your guests to arrive on time, not 15 minutes early. The less people in a space during set up, the better. Lots of people in a space (especially when they have nothing to do and ask us questions or stand in walkways) eats up our time. We'll likely be cleaning up and leaving in that 15-20 minute window before your start time.
  • Final Payment?
    Honeybook, our booking platform, allows you to schedule an automatic payment be taken out by our second deadline which is 72 hours prior to your event. Final Payment is Due 72 hours prior to your event time to ensure payments clear before we set up. If your payment is not completed, we will NOT deliver your order. We start preparations and place orders for ::: Rentals, a week out, Florals up to 7 days prior, and Balloons up to 3 days prior. Once your items are prepped, we likely cannot use them for other events. If you need to set up a payment plan, to pay smaller amounts over time, we are happy to organize that for you. Payment processing fees incurred, and the initial Retainer Fee are the only amounts that will not be refunded should you need to cancel. If you neglect to pay your balance, this becomes a loss to the business - being a small business primarily run/operated/funded by one woman - this is a serious issue with great impact. If you do not pay the balance, we will not do events for you in the future.
  • What Colors Do You Have?
    We have various "Standard Colors" - which are colors that we can purchase and use as they are. We have a lot of them. We choose to use certain brands based on where your balloons will be set. One brand is best outdoors in heat. Other brands last the longest used indoors in consistent temperatures. Colors do differ between brands, but they also change when placed next to others, or in different lighting. If there is not a standard color available that's "perfect", we can do custom colors. Custom Colors do create an elevated, luxury look. Creating custom colors requires double materials and extra hours, therefore, is an upcharge. We arrange your colors in groups so that everything is highlighted, and given the spotlight needed, to achieve a flow and pleasing aesthetic. Send us an image of your invitation, photos of your inspirations, photos of other decor you're planning to use. It's best to just trust us that we'll pick the balloon colors that go best. New colors are created all the time by the brands we use. We can send photo samples, however, they look different in person and different depending on lighting, and will look even different if you edit and filter your pictures after.
  • What happens to balloons and flowers after an event?
    There's two ways this can go: YOU KEEP THEM: Tell us if you would like to keep things and we'll tell you how to take things apart and put them back together. Have a plan for transporting everything; you need a lot of open space. Our clients often take balloons home to gift to a friend, donate, or just enjoy them longer! Or, talk to us about us dropping them off at your house. If we are coming back for rentals, and you live really close (less than 10 Minutes), we can drop them off. OR pay a little extra to have them restyled in the house. We have had clients keep the balloons in their basement and reused them for a party 2 months later. Or gave them to a friend to use for their party. YOU WANT US TO DEAL WITH THEM: If the party was indoor, we like to reuse as much as possible. The largest balloons can usually be deflated to potentially use again. When we have events for non-profits coming up, especially fundraisers, and they don't have the budget to get a great design, we'll save balloons for a few weeks to give them more. They pay minimum costs, and we give them great pieces. Balloons help raise money at fundraisers as they are really uplifting and make people feel inspired and happy. If it's outdoor, they are getting popped, we can't use them again. We put popped balloons in a compost bin. When exposed to sunlight, air, and other elements, they break down and decompose. We try to recycle plastic fishing line (used sparingly). You can actually use a bunch of popped balloons in your garden as a weed barrier. Instead of buying the plastic at the store, put down a bucket of popped latex balloons! Any leftover floral that our clients do not take home will be taken back to our shop to rearrange and either given out or enjoyed by our team and our families. Or we use it to practice designs. We limit the use of floral foam if used at all. We reuse containers, and even hearty greenery when we are able. Some floral is dried out for dried arrangements, otherwise clippings also go into compost. ***Hydrangeas after an event may need additional help. If they look droopy and appear to be wilting, take the whole bloom and submerge in a bucket of water for about 1 hour (possibly longer). It should fluff back up and be good for another several days in a vase of water.
  • Air Filled vs. Helium Balloons
    Air is Free. Helium is $$$$$. WE USE AIR:::: Most balloons you see on our website that appear floating - they are strategically hung from the ceiling or some other structure, and are air filled unless we have specified otherwise. Air filled balloons last a LOT longer - as much as a few months when kept indoors and in consistent temperature. One huge benefit of air filled balloons is that if a balloon pops, it's not a tragic situation and we can replace an air filled balloon very easily. You'll save a lot of time, and the potential for waste of money is much less with air filled balloons. Air Filled balloons do better outdoors and especially in heat. HELIUM MAKES A BALLOON FLOAT::: - Helium is NOT recommended for outdoor use especially in Summertime HEAT. We understand, the way balloons are generally thought of is a floating balloon on a string. We're here to completely change your perspective on balloons. Any balloon can be filled with air and will last significantly longer than helium. The ONLY way a balloon will float independently is if it's filled with helium. Mylar balloons will NOT float if you just put air in it. It only says it's a "helium balloon" to sell it to you, there isn't helium in it, air doesn't become helium once you put it in the balloon. Please save your money and the environment, and don't buy a one-time-use helium tank. Just have the balloons filled by the party store. Please DO NOT EVER release balloons into the air. It is a very destructive way of littering and they don't float off to a magical place, they go maybe a few miles, get stuck in powerlines, or pop and the string goes into water ways and oceans. Helium molecules are tiny, smaller than air, and escape the balloon faster. Hi-Float is liquid silicone that coats the inside of a balloon, dries after a few minutes of being inflated, and keeps the helium from escaping as quickly so they will float longer. There was a helium shortage for several years, so we just stopped using it. Lately we have been able to source helium, and as long as it stays available, we will use helium sparingly and only when necessary to complete a design concept. Our helium balloons are more expensive than a large party store for multiple reasons. Helium is more expensive for us to acquire, and is a lot more work for our staff to maintain. We put extra care into the inflating of your balloons, and always use hi-float to ensure they last the longest they possibly can.
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