Many details about our Balloons and what we do are answered throughout the website, but here's some answers and info for some common, general, questions.

Air Filled is better than Helium!!!

The ONLY way a balloon will float independently is if there is helium inside. Mylar balloons will NOT float if you just put air in it. The balloons you see on our website that appear floating - they are strategically hung from the ceiling or some other structure, and are air filled. Please save your money and the environment, and don't buy a one-time-use tank. 

We understand, the way balloons are generally thought of is a floating balloon on a string. We're here to completely change your perspective on balloons. Any balloon can be filled with air and will last significantly longer than helium.

In our opinion, the way we do balloons is so much better than what you will ever receive from a party store.

Helium Molecules are tiny, smaller than air, and escape the balloon faster. Hi-Float is liquid silicone that coats the inside of a balloon, dries after a few minutes of being inflated, and keeps the helium from escaping as quickly so they will float longer. We don't use helium because we don't really need to, air filled balloons last a LOT longer and are much easier to work with. If a balloon pops, it's not a tragic situation and we can replace an air filled balloon very easily. You'll save a lot of time, and the potential for waste of money is much less with air filled balloons. 

There was a helium shortage for several years, so we just stopped using it. We are looking into the possibility of having a helium tank soon but will use it sparingly and only when necessary. We'll try our hardest not to use it. 

Our Helium Balloons will be more expensive than a big party store because it's more expensive for us to acquire, and is a lot more work for our staff to maintain. We also will put extra care into the inflating of your balloons to ensure they last the longest they possibly can, we'll use our quality balloon brands, and we pay our staff a healthy living wage.

How long does it take to set up? 

Generally, 1 hour or more is needed. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to unload, park, and figure out locations of set up. Plans often change. We need to be finishing/cleaning up/loading out at least 15 minutes prior to your event, so we are leaving before guests arrive. (Less guests arriving early the better).

PLEASE make sure there is reliable parking that allows us to access your event space. Moving the car down the street takes time out of your install time. 

So, that "one hour set up time" really only gives us about 20-30 minutes to actually install your order.  

Time needed depends on how much needs to be done. We usually come to venues with balloons and floral prepared ahead, at times additional transportation is needed. 

30 minutes is not enough time unless your order is small, the location is VERY easily accessible, and plans are 100% set.

We need to know how much time is available/allowed, as we may have other projects to go to in the same day. We appreciate being able to come early. 

Other Vendors or Your DIY Additions:

- We know a lot of other vendors in the area. If you are renting something from them, or using their services, we might be able to collaborate with that person to make your event better, or make the schedule flow better. 

- If you have a cake/dessert person who will perfectly arrange your sweet table, or if the cake is very fragile - we should be scheduled prior to them so we are out of the way when they arrive. Balloons are bulky and knock things over easily, and the table will need to be moved once we are done with the backdrop, as we need space to move around to install.

- Photographers - tell us when this person is coming so everything is done when they arrive. 

- Connect us! We want to be tagged, we want to see photos, and we just like to know other vendors so we can refer clients to their services. 

- If you plan to provide a backdrop or any other rental - one you are setting up yourself or one you booked from another vendor --> It MUST be at the venue and set up by the time we are scheduled to begin. If it runs late, we might run late setting up our part, and we do not take responsibility for that and will not refund if rushed installation results in unfinished product. Additionally, it may cause our team to be late to our next commitment, and will be subject to additional fees.

--> If, for example, we are scheduled at 5pm to set up for a 7pm start, we're planning to be out by 6:30, and have our installation process planned out for that time block with a few minutes flex for unexpected occurrences. If you call us at 4pm that day, asking us to come at 6:15 instead because your other bookings/cheaper backdrops are late; or if your other vendor is late, we will send a bill for $50 for every 30 minutes - which in this case would be $100. Plan and schedule properly.  

Will we use Balloon Kits you purchased online? 

If you already purchased a kit and would like to pay for it to be assembled, we will use what we can, however we still charge the same as if we used our own balloons in order to guarantee you receive quality. Usually balloons from kits pop and need to be replaced, but we cannot guarantee colors can be matched as we have no idea what brands are in the kit. The kits rarely contain the same quantities and sizes as are in the sample photos used to sell them. 

Balloons from kits are not good for outdoor use, especially in heat and sunlight. 

Why are there "minimum orders"? 

Because for any less the job will not be profitable to come to, and we will not be able to stay in business. When we travel for an hour each way, that is two hours of our day taken just for travel - we could take at least 3 local orders in that time, so the totals need to balance out. We love traveling and going to different venues in different locations and we would love to come, but we need to pay our team members for their time, and ensure that we are supporting our overhead costs.

How long do the balloons last? 

Balloons and Cut Flowers need similar environments to last. They both do well in cold temperatures.

Best Case Scenario for Balloon Life: Indoor, out of sunlight, consistent temperature and no wind. Quality balloons, correctly inflated for their environment, and left untouched, can last for months, especially if they are "Custom Colors". 

Outdoor Affects: 

Basically, balloons outdoors will only be good for the one event, around 30 hours give or take. 

Sunlight and Fresh Air cause balloons to oxidize - which is what makes them look "matte", and often alters the color. Any chrome, metallic, or shiny finishes will lose their shine; Chrome/Shiny Gold becomes like a matte brownish-gold color. Oxidation occurs faster in high heat (80 degrees +). Heat can also cause balloons to melt together. Once this happens, if they balloons move, they will likely pop. 

There are products- Balloon Glow and Balloon Shine- which can be sprayed on the balloons to make them stay shiny, but both leave an oily finish, and the balloons cannot be handled once it's applied. Balloon Glow is best outdoors, is as flammable as Hair Spray (we tested it), however, balloons should never be exposed to fire to begin with. Balloon Shine can be used outdoor and balloons should last for the event. 

What happens to Balloons and Flowers after an event? 

We do not always have the means to carry all balloons back,  or store them after each event, nor do we always have an opportunity to reuse. 

Please tell us if you would like to keep things, we'll give you suggestions for how to get things apart, and put back together. Have a plan for transporting everything, you need a lot of open space. Our clients often like to take the balloons and reuse them by gifting them to a friend, donating, or just enjoying them longer! 

We like to reuse as much as possible. If we are returning to pick up and take down your decor, we will do our best to save what we can. The largest balloons can usually be deflated to potentially use again. Otherwise, we put popped balloons in a compost bin. When exposed to sunlight, air, and other elements, they do breakdown and decompose. We try to recycle plastic fishing line (used sparingly). 

Florals we will rearrange, freshen up, give them out or enjoy them if our clients do not want them.

We reuse floral foams, containers, and even hearty greenery. Some florals we dry out for dried arrangements, otherwise clippings also go into compost.