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Floral Arrangements & Centerpieces

We love working with flowers!

Most of our clients order floral from us when ordering balloons, so we can deliver everything at once (and it all matches).

A 20% service fee will be added to arrangements set up at events, indoors.

A 30% service fee is added to arrangements set up for outdoor events. This may vary based on the design chosen. 


Travel and tax are additional as they are based on direct costs.

Read about why we charge these service fees in Q&A's.

If you or your florist prefer to supply flowers for our use to add into balloons: 

  • All stems must be processed and placed in water tubes if needed, and ready for us to add to the balloons. NO thorns or anything poky are allowed. 

  • Estimate at least 1.5 stems per foot of balloon garland ordered, unless designs are pre-made arrangements. 

  • If we are adding floral you provide, the service fee on the balloon installation will be 30%. 

Blooms in Balloon Garland

Bring your garland to LIFE. Weaving in floral takes balloons from "amazing" to "breathtakingly gorgeous". People LOVE it. And, you can take the flowers home after if you like!

Suggested amount is 1.5 stems per foot of balloon garland ordered starting at $6/ft. 

Certain floral choices, including locally grown, may be additional cost. 

wedding centerpiece_edited_edited.jpg

Blooms in Balloon Centerpieces

A Small Sized Balloon Bundle with a weight to hold in place, accompanied by a small floral arrangement that weaves into the balloons.  

12" wide x about 18" long. Sizing and shape can vary to fit table.

Starts at $45

Fresh Floral Arrangements

We offer a variety of sizes and styles. We can create table centerpieces and tablescapes, fireplace mantle arrangements, arches, event backdrops and more.

We offer rental stands & vases, or we can create arrangements in vessels you may keep. 

Certain designs may require use of rentals. 

Small arrangements begin at $36

Most popular, 360 view centerpiece $85-$165+

Happy Little Bouquet Bar

flower cart.jpg

Your guests can have an interactive experience with our bouquet bar package. Each will create their own fresh floral bouquet to take home with them.

Package Includes:

  • Bouquet Ingredients: 6 Bloom Bouquet with a few Stems of Greenery, mason jars, Flower Food

  • Display Containers, Our White Custom Cart, Table for Sample & Bouquet Recipe Signage


*Blooms may vary based on market prices, seasonal availability, and selections desired.

Starting Pricing: 

Up to 25 Guests ...............................$1200

Additional Guests .............................$30 per person


Optional Add Ons:

Customized Tags with Twine...Starts at $5 per person

Cart Attendant( 1 per 25 guests; up to 3 hours of event time)......................$150

Silk & Dried Floral -Themed Package Rental

We offer the option of renting our realistic, high quality faux or dried floral pieces to finish up the design. Choose a theme, style or colors.


Popular Style Themes:

Seasonal (fall, winter, spring, summer)


Rose Garden/Wildflower/Fairy Garden


Pampas Grasses/Palms/Boho


We bring more than enough to fill out the design.

We can also create focal arrangements for a table or to place on your backdrop for an additional fee.

Rental package to add into balloons is based on size of garland; add 20% to garland cost

artificial floral.jpg
sweet 16 pampas neon_edited.jpg

Boho Theme Arrangement Rentals

Fluffy pampas grasses, fan palms of all shapes & sizes, bleached & dried accents. 

Rental package based on size of design, add about 20%  to garland cost

A 10ft garland should have at least a $50 budget. 

Arrangements to keep will vary in cost based on size an quantity needed. 

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