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Shimmer Wall Bday_edited_edited.jpg

Rental Backdrops, Framing and More


  • We handle all rentals -our rentals are not for DIY. Rentals are available only with purchase of accompanying balloon and/or floral package. We do not offer client pick up/self set up. We offer rentals as a convenience to our clients so (hopefully) there are less vendors to book, and to elevate the designs. Rentals include set up & break down by our staff. Unless you are given instructions to move the rental, please DO NOT move them. 

  • One-Day, One-Event. Rates below are for the rental to be installed, based on a one-day event of duration, and taken down after. At the end of your event, a time window is required to schedule, upon booking, for the take down/pick up of rentals. Rentals will require two trips to your venue, so two travel fees based on miles from us to the location. 

  •  To reserve rentals for multiple days, charges will be added at 25% of the rental rate per day on weekdays, and 50% on weekends. 

  • Event breakdown/removal of rentals after 11pm, will be an additional $200, unless arrangements can be made for removal the following morning. 

  • Outdoor setup requires more time, more risk, more weight/install material = more cost. Also applies to complicated locations like rooftops, elevators/lots of stairs, or across football fields... when getting to the venue location requires use of service elevators, and extensive time, require a 25% service/installation fee. These circumstances require additional materials, time, and staff to complete. Rental items used outdoor are highly subject to damages, extra cleaning, and often replacement, after events. 

  • Some rentals cannot be left/set in rain, potential high winds, or other conditions of weather. When winds of 16mph, with higher wind gusts, are expected, we cannot set up outdoors. It is dangerous for all involved and an indoor option must be chosen, or the event should be moved to a new date. We reserve the right to make this decision, and will not take risks in this situation. If you cannot be flexible in choosing a new location, and choose not to use rentals, a refund will not be issued. Please see our contract for additional information.

  • Our rentals are only available within 40 miles our shop, in zip code 08610. We are happy to secure outside vendors, however pricing and terms are subject to that company. 

Tulle Curtain on Frame

blush curtain.jpg

Up to 9FT W x 9FT H adjustable tulle curtain and supporting frame.


Choose: Blush Tulle; White Tulle;  Black Sequin; Rose Gold Shimmer; Gold Shimmer; or a combination


We recommend at least 10 ft of Goldilocks garland to be ordered for this structure. 

Tulle Curtain with Frame................................$150

Addition: Curtain Lights...............................$60

*Image shows 11ft of GoldilocksGarland and curtain extended to 7ft H x 8ft wide. 

Boxwood Wall

8FT W x 8FT H

Rent our full wall, or select a panel to accompany another backdrop or structure.

We recommend at least a 10ft of Goldilocks garland to be ordered for the full wall.

Full Wall - 8 x 8ft .......................................$200

*Image shows 16ft Goldilocks Garland on full wall. Balloons are additional cost. 

8by8 boxwood wall.jpeg
Shimmer Wall Bday_edited.jpg

Shimmer Wall

Choose Gold or Silver 

We recommend at least 20ft of balloon garland.

If you need a larger wall, please let us know and we can price.

6ft x 6ft Square:  $180

8FT x 8FT ........................................$250

8ft x 10ft .................................$300

*Image shows 12ft of the Show Stopper garland

Gold Circle Arch

7FT circle arch


Balloon garland is not included with this rental.

We recommend at least 10ft of Goldilocks garland to be ordered for this structure.

Gold Circle Arch.............................................$100

Gold Circle Arch with White Cover ..............$150

gold circle arch.jpg
Screenshot 2022-07-23 at 19-00-03 Happy Little Party ( • Instagram pho

Copper Rectangle Arch

copper frame decor outdoor_edited.jpg

6FT W x 6.5FT H

Sample Shown is Set up Outdoor (we stake into the

ground for stability). We do have a base frame for indoor installations. 

We recommend 10ft of Goldilocks Garland for this structure.


*Image shows 10ft Goldilocks Garland, Boho Grass & Floral Rental

Moon Backdrop

Wood Panel Arch

Set includes 2 wood panels of varying heights; 1 white, 1 beige. Custom colors available for upgraded charge.

1 Panels (white or beige)...........$150

2 Panels (1 white, 1 beige)...........$200

Custom Panel Color....................$75 additional each

*Image 1 shows about 6ft of Goldilocks Garland, Image 2 with double panel shows 10ft Goldilocks Garland, custom balloon colors

arch with small garland Minimum order.jpg

This white wood moon is a perfect base to build a garland onto. We recommend a minimum of 10ft Goldilocks garland.

$125 (includes rental of 3 star lanterns)

*Image shows 8ft Goldilocks size garland, custom balloon colors

Screenshot 2022-07-23 at 18-59-05 Happy Little Party ( • Instagram pho

Flower Walls

"Angel" - 8ft x 8ft White Flower Wall

*Customizations available to add in greenery or colored floral for $80+ based on need. All additions will be silk floral. 

$400 Indoor 

$500 Outdoor, or if access to space requires use of service elevators etc.

Untitled design (19)_edited.jpg

Grid Stands

2FT W x 6FT H

Great for building on! We can weave in silk floral, palms or build a fresh floral installation onto these grids.

We recommend 6ft of Goldilocks garland to be ordered per panel for this structure.

One Panel.........$45

Three Panels.....$120

*Image shows 12ft Goldilocks size garland and one panel

white grid bckdrp.jpg
baby farmer 2.jpg

Invisible Framing

When you want your installation to appear like it’s floating in the center of a room or in your yard or a field, and there are not structures to secure to on site, a framing structure is needed.


Great for “floating arches” and columns.

*Pricing depends on the structure, but will be based on an "outdoor" set up with the additional 5% of the design, and will require the return travel fee as we reuse our materials. 

beach cart.jpg
bouquet bar cart only_edited.jpg

White Cart

Our custom carts are perfect for your dessert table, favor table

or even a flower bouquet bar!

Choose from a white, or black & white striped canvas top.

Customized sign is included (one-color font).

We recommend at least 8ft Goldilocks Garland to be ordered for this structure. *Image shows 10ft medium garland

*We are not certified food handlers and will not set up dessert displays with open food. An additional labor fee will be added for us to set and design any individually wrapped food. Risers package is only for the display rentals. 


TWO Different Cart Sizes Available! 

48"L x 24"W (or 36") x 84"H............$150

*The larger size requires an accessible entrance to the venue space - at least a 38" wide door frame (s). 


Dessert Risers Package.......$50+

(1 cake stand, 2x 2 tier risers, 2x one tier plate/stand. Additional risers and cost varies based on items being used.)

Flower Cart Display Containers (holds water)....$50 rental

Custom Logo.............................................$20 per color

Cart Attendant for Floral Bar only..........$150 (up to 3 hours)


Vintage Wicker (Peacock) Chair..............$100

Velvet Tufted Chair .................................$125

White Rocking Chair (4 available).......$50

Need a seat for your guest of honor to open gifts? We have several chairs available to compliment your backdrop and balloon garland theme.


Choose from our sweet & simple rocking chair, our luxe & plush velvet chair or our boho chic peacock chair!


vintage wicker chair_edited.jpg
white rocking chair_edited_edited.jpg
bride arch with chair_edited.jpg

Marquee Letters & Numbers

Screenshot 2022-07-23 at 18-12-12 Happy Little Party (_happy_edited_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-07-23 at 18-13-51 Happy Little Party (_happy.little_edited.jpg

These were made to be balloon friendly.

 They are lightweight and the lights do not get hot, so we can easily add balloons around them to complete the look.

If adding balloons, we recommend at least 1ft of Goldilocks garland per letter/number.

Letters & Shapes are 30" tall x 20" wide.

$48 per character

Numbers are 40" tall x 24" wide

$60 per character


Stacking/Set Up Fee Included. These MUST be set under cover, indoor preferred. If outdoor uncovered, a 10% fee will be applied. 

Custom Seating Charts & Welcome Signs

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