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Airbrush Tattoos

Popular at Mitzvahs, Project Graduations, Post Proms, Sweet 16's, Graduation Parties, and Children's Birthdays. 

Pricing is calculated per artist. Please see information and suggestions below to understand how much time you need to book.

Minimum Booking Times will vary based on the event and there may be additional travel fees.  

Pricing is based on $200 for 1.5 hour minimum

$250 for 2 hours 

Additional time is $65 per 30 minute block or

$125 per full hour confirmed.


They will survive a day in the pool, showers, the beach, etc. !

A great alternative to face painting for summer parties!


Every one is different, but they have been known to last 3 - 10 days. Avoid lotions/oils/and friction. Apply baby powder after bathing to help it dry. 


Best removal is Isopropyl Alcohol and a cotton ball. Some oils and make up removers can work as well. 

Ink used is alcohol based cosmetic body paint. 


Stencils are primarily used to create your airbrush tattoo designs to achieve precise lines, they are not free-hand. We can create custom stencils ahead of time for your event! 

The Full Rainbow

A full range of color including a gold shimmer will be offered. 

Our full selection of tattoo designs will be displayed in addition to layered "sleeves".

Each design takes from 2-10 minutes to complet, depending on what your guests choose.

We usually complete 10-20 tattoos per hour.

Primary Colors

Choose 3 Colors in addition to Black & White. 

Our standard selection of tattoos will be displayed.

Each design takes from 2-3 minutes to complete. We can complete around 20-25 per hour.

Black & White

Guests will choose only Black and White - or up to 2 colors specific to event. 

Either our standard tattoo selection, or a small group of designs preselected.

Each design can take 30 seconds - 2 minutes to complete (it depends on the design and the participant).

We can complete approximately 20-30 per hour. 

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