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In Response to COVID-19

The world seems to be opening in 2021, but some ideas and concepts here still apply especially for Zoom and Drive By Celebrations!

Scroll down for samples and pricing to give ideas.

To see how rates are based, go to the Balloon Decor Page and Download my Price Guide. 

Your support is helping keep my business afloat and is very appreciated!


Delivery Area

Delivery cost will be calculated based on mileage from my shop to the event location or delivery address. 

Pick up is an option, but we need to make sure what you order will fit in your vehicle. Tell me the kind of car you have and I'll make it fit! We will meet you on the porch for pick up. Address will be provided upon order confirmation. 


  • All Balloons will be air filled only, helium is not available until further notice.
  • Air filled balloons will not float independently however will last much longer than helium balloons.
  • If your order is larger than what I can fit in my car, I will need access to a standard outlet. 
  • I prefer electronic payments such as Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, PopMoney... any payment app you use. Cash and Check are accepted.

When requesting a quote, please include photos of the preferred area of set up.

I will need to see what I have to work with.


I order my balloons and other supplies online. Balloons go from the back they came in, into an air tight container with a lid.

I am now working in my shop which is dedicated to storage of my materials, decor preparation and temporary storage. It is not a space open to the public and is kept clean and well organized. 


We have remained respectful and take care in limiting our exposure to others. We continue to wear a mask in public and when setting up my balloon displays. We keep sanitizer in the car and use it when exiting stores and between installations. Currently deliveries are done my myself and my Mom! 


Most suggestions listed are for outdoor displays. I prefer this to limit contact, please consider this first. If your bouquet will be brought into the home, understand all precautions have been taken. We will do indoor installations, we will wear masks, and ask that everyone present keep a safe distance from us. 


Balloon "life" outdoors varies as it is exposed to so many elements/variables. They last about 30 hours or more, but there is no guarantee of their longevity.

All installs will be set the day of your celebration. If I use reusable materials, I will notify you and pick them up later. 

If winds of 16mph+ are expected, I will come take the balloons down, suggest waiting for nice weather or an indoor set up. If balloons blow away, they can get caught on power lines and cause power outages.


Doorway Swag

I need something to attach to. Front porches with posts/railings and decoration hooks/nails are perfect attachment points!

Pictured Here is 13ft of Medium and Large Garland with fringe streamers. Cost of this to copy is $216 + Delivery. 


Tree Accents

Do you have a really amazing tree in your yard? Trees make great attachment points for accents of garland, sculptures, and single large balloons. Pictured here is a Large Sculpture secured with small garland, $45.


Lamp Posts

Lamp Posts in the yard are perfect for Small- Medium Sized Garlands! 

Pictured here is a mix of Small-Large with Sculpture additions. Cost of Garland is $102. Each simple animal sculpture is $16, making the total $150.

Bouquets with Sculpture.jpg

Lawn Stakes

When you want it out in the yard, closer to the street, and I have no anchor points, I can stake into the ground to secure.  *Will require pick up of stakes/poles. Piece pictured as is would be priced at $230.

Piece pictured could also serve as a large bouquet to be brought indoors.


Mailbox Mini

If you have a "curbside" mailbox, Garlands can accent! 

Pictured here is a Small Size Garland $30, with some small sculptures total $26, and ribbons to blow in the wind $15, bringing this total to $71.



This piece is weighted and can easily travel. Will fit in the backseat of a car, empty trunk, or back of an SUV. 

It measures 3ft L x 3ft H

and about 2ft D. 

Base with 1 Sculpture $40

Base with 2 Sculptures $80

Base starts at $15. Small Mylar additions $3/each number or letter. Large Mylar additions $8-10+/-

Keep Your Distance

Balloons are exciting, but I must be cautious.

  • While I am setting up all young children must keep a safe distance. I have a lot of tools and materials in my kit and cannot be watching young children while I am also installing. Please make sure they are supervised and are not allowed to take/play with my materials.

  • Please do any yardwork before I come or after I leave. Lawn mowing/weed whacking should be done prior as debris may pop your balloons.

  • If you would like to watch me install, I need you to have a place to sit and stay stationary, at least 10ft from the areas where I will be. I will be moving around a lot and do not want to risk running into anyone. 

  • When everything is complete, and I clean up my equipment, I will let you know it is finished and ready to view. 

Dearest Clients & Friends, 

I hope you're all staying healthy, eating well, getting fresh air, and keeping your spirits up. 


Things have been changing constantly since March 2020, for the world and myself. I am feeling blessed and honored to be able to continue safely working and bringing joy to so many. 

The Birthday Parades everyone did in the beginning of quarantine were so amazing. I got to see so many excited faces of all ages when they saw balloons made just for them on their birthday, and then saw so many of their friends and loved ones drive by to cheer just for them. I hope these parades continue in years to come - they are a great alternative to a big birthday party! 

Birthdays and special moments in our lives will still come and go, let's not let them pass without celebrating them in any way we can. The people you love feel so incredibly special when they receive a colorful presentation of balloons or florals made just for them. Lets keep sharing the love! 

Giving you My Best!  


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