Balloon Garlands & Installations

  • Pricing

    • Starting prices below include latex, biodegradable, balloons. Our Service and Installation Costs are Included in the Unit Prices we have set. The only additional fee will be travel and tax. 

    • Some venues may require an additional install fee if the event space is difficult and time consuming to access. We will ask about your venue space upon providing a quote for the decor. 

    • For custom colors, specialty finishes such as marbled looks, custom painted balloons, or confetti, see the Custom Color Rate listed.

  • Sizing

    • Each unit of garland covers at least one linear foot. The width and depth of measurement varies greatly among the sizes, but if you need 3 feet of length covered, order 3 feet of balloon garland- garland size depends on the space you're putting it into - a tiny table? Get Small. Decorating a big building? Go Large! 

  • Color

    • Our team is trained in the use of color in general, and is educated on the balloons available to us. Color is a big deal to us, and we'll get it right - but this is why we need images of your event colors. We do need you to trust us when it comes to choosing and pairing color. 

    • There are at least 10 different versions of every color we have, so lets get specific! "Beige" and "Cream" and "Tan", for example, have a lot of variation, just as much as "Blue" and "Green". 

    • We need photo references of your invitation, color inspirations, and other elements of decor you plan to use. We can match your desired colors, but it's best to let us choose the right balloons/brands. We know how our colors will react in different lighting and when paired next to your other elements. 

Estimate your price: Choose size and multiply by your length; "Goldilocks" Garland at $25 per foot  x 10feet in length = $250 + Travel Cost + NJ Sales Tax.

Balloon Garlands, Starting with Most Popular

"Goldilocks Garland"

Because it's "Just Right". This sizing is our favorite to work with. It fills out a space so nice, it's not too big or too small, and we always have enough. 


Balloon sizes used are 19”, 17”, 16”, 11”, 9”, and 5”.

Sample Shown: 12 feet of Garland. 

$25 per foot

Custom Colors add $7.50 per foot 

bridal shower purple pink balloon garland Johnson Locust Hall Farm
small balloon garland easel wedding bridal shower NJ

Small Balloon Garland

Small sized garland is perfect to accent small spaces, such as welcoming easel signs or a table centerpiece designs (runners or small clusters).


Balloon sizes used are primarily 9” and 5”, with some 11”.

Sample Shown is about 7 feet of Garland Length. 

$15 per foot

Custom Colors add $4.50 per foot

Medium Balloon Garland

For the "nothing crazy" requests, and when we need to stretch a budget. This garland is great for hanging over windows and along door frames or small fireplaces. 

This is a great size if you would like to pick up. 


Balloon sizes used are 19”, 17”, 16”, 11”, 9”, and 5”.

Sample Shown: 12 feet of Garland Length

$20 per foot

$6 per foot with custom colors

medium garland_edited.jpg
large balloon garland pink gold bridal shower wedding elegant classy greenery

Large Balloon Garland

This detailed and luxe garland will create a "wow" factor! Large garland is great for large walls or spaces, and will turn your backdrop or frame into a statement piece. 

Balloon sizes used are 36", 24", 19”, 17”, 16”, 11”, 9”, and 5”.

Sample Shown: 11 feet 

$30 per foot

Custom Colors add $9 per foot

"Floating" Large Single Balloons

 Air-filled, large single balloons will have the illusion that they are floating (but we do not use helium). Attachment points are needed - a ceiling, trees, parts of framing, rafters, etc. as we need to hang the balloon from a structure. 

Floor Stands & Table stands are another great solution!

Standard Color ...............................................$15 each

Standard Color on Table Stand.................... $45 each

Standard Color on Floor Stand.....................$50 each

Add Greenery/Tassels..........$15/2 FT;  $30/5 FT each

Add Color Changing/Remote Light Up........$15 each

single big balloons greenery tail classy elegant
traditional balloon arch classic Mickey childrens party

Traditional Balloon Arch

Balloons will be sized the same. We can use different sizes and different patterns, but there will be symmetry, and only stacked balloons. These can be made as arches or free standing columns. 

Frames are not always needed indoor. 

Size Shown is 14ft long. 


Indoor $18/ft, Outdoor/Free Standing $22/ft

Structures to support Free Standing are considered rentals and must be scheduled for our team to recover after event.

Free Standing Balloon Column

Created in an Organic Design Style, but will stand alone when set indoor, or on a stand.

Size Shown is 4ft Tall, with Topper is about 6ft. 

Total cost of what is pictured: $170/column

Indoor $25/ft, Outdoor $30/ft

Structures to support Free Standing are considered rentals and must be scheduled for our team to recover after event.

organic balloon column hot pink music pop star fun bright

Air Filled Mylar Balloons

18" Themes ______________________$10 each, or package of 5 for $40

14"-16" Numbers/Letters_________$5 each, or pckg of 10 for $30

26"-33" Numbers or Letters _____$15 each

40" Numbers/Letters ___________ $20 each

Star Bursts & Orbz Small ________$18 each or 3/$45 

Star Bursts & Orbz Large ________$22 each or 3/$60

Characters/Shapes 33"-48" _____$20 each or Pack of 5 for $60

Air Walkers, Free Standing Air Loonz (ex. Spiderman Pictured) ___$30/each. 


*When we are present for delivery and installation, we bring a back-up option and will replace it if the first one is defective or pops during installation. We inflate, assemble and set the balloons into your design so they stay as secure as possible.