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Balloon Twisting

Everyone loves balloons! Better balloons last longer and everyone will rave about your event and remember the experience. When you can, book for QUALITY over quantity.  

Pricing is calculated per artist. Please see information and suggestions below to understand how much time you need to book.

Minimum Booking Times will vary based on the event and there may be additional travel fees.  

Pricing is based on $190 for 1.5 hour minimum

$250 for 2 hours 

Additional time is $50 per 30 minute blocks. 

How much time?

Book based on quality level you desire and how many guests you expect will want a balloon.

40 year old kids count too!

See Below

Sample photos and time estimations are listed below, grouped by complexity.

For larger balloons, please inquire or see "Decor".

Balloons Pop!

What pops a balloon? Grass, very playful children, extreme temperatures, rough textures, invisible things on the ground...

Little Ones

Children under 3 years old should not be given balloons. They may bite the balloon, it can pop in their face, potentially causing numerous issues. 

"Wow Factor"

4 or more Balloons Per Design

Each design takes approximately 5+ minutes to make. Artists can make approximately 10 per hour at this level. 

Depending on Artist, on the spot requests may be accepted.

"Quick & Cute"

Up to 4 Balloons used per design

Each design takes approximately 3 minutes to make. Artists can make approximately 15-18 balloons per hour at this level.

"Easy & Fast"

1-2 Balloons are used per design.

Each design takes approximately 30 seconds for the artist to twist. Artists can do approximately 20 per hour. 


Quick and easy balloons are great for when you need the artist to hand out a LOT of balloons in a short time. Less options offered increases yield

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